Four Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and along with choosing the right outfit and accessories, there’s the common dilemma of just how to celebrate this dreamy day of love. If you and your sweetheart have yet to settle on a plan, you may want to consider these romantic possibilities:



1. Get Out of Town




Images: chrissyteigen and alessandraambrosio


Sometimes, an out-of-town excursion is the best way to connect with your favorite person. Whether you’re leaving behind an impending hometown blizzard in search of tropical temperatures or seeking a winter wonderland retreat, a trip for two is always a romantic choice. John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen look adorable while jet-setting, and model Alessandra Ambrosio has us wishing for a tropical getaway – or just longing for the first signs of spring.



2. Relax with Friends and Family



Images: rachelzoe and jessicaalba


It only stands to reason that the day of love is best spent with loved ones, so consider sharing the day with friends and family. Meet a group of girlfriends for drinks and a movie, or feast on heart-shaped pancakes with your kiddo. Even better, host a Valentine’s Day bash that will bring the ones you love right to your front door. Here, Rachel Zoe lavishes kisses on her son, Skyler, while Jessica Alba poses with friends at a ski resort.



3. Go Outdoors



Images: channingtatum and minkak


The great outdoors is a great backdrop for romance. Let Mother Nature play Cupid by sharing some quality time with your valentine skiing the slopes or hiking along a beautifully scenic view. Camp beneath the stars while roasting marshmallows, or spend a long weekend by the fireplace in a mountain cabin. Another bonus? Outdoor escapes mean incredible photographic memories, as evidenced by Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan, who celebrated Valentine’s Day 2015 with their dogs in the snow. Actress Minka Kelly shared this gorgeous snap of her Valentine’s Day view, as well.



4. Spend the Day at Home



Images: oprah and mirandakerr


Dorothy was right… there’s no place like home. If you don’t feel like leaving your love nest, stay put for the evening instead! Set an inviting table topped with colorful flowers a la Oprah and Stedman, or just get cozy in your favorite striped socks like Miranda Kerr and her son, Flynn. Staying at home allows you to watch your favorite Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan rom-com in bed while nibbling chocolate-covered strawberries or to sip wine while making a savory dinner with your valentine. Plus, skipping out on fancy dining means the opportunity for other gifts (like our women’s necklaces… hint, hint.)


Whether you choose to stay close to home or decide to get lost in love on the open road instead, the main point of Valentine’s Day is showing that special someone just how much you care. And eating chocolate, and maybe getting some new jewelry. We’re kidding! (But browse our women’s jewelry for some inspired options, just in case.)


How will you spend Valentine’s Day this year? Share your plans with us in the comments!



The Chan Luu Team

Valentine’s Day Dinner with Friends



Hosting a Valentine’s Day party for a group of close friends is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday without the fuss of reservations and uncomfortably crowded restaurants. Plus, you can actually wear your favorite little red dress without encountering a subzero wind chill. We’ve enlisted the help of Pinterest for an inspired step-by-step guide to throwing the perfect Valentine’s dinner party of your choosing.



Select Your Theme




Sure, this holiday focuses heavily on romantic love, but the best part of throwing a party is that you decide its theme. Consider your anticipated guest list. Is it composed of couples, singles or perhaps a few blind dates? Build your get-together to follow suit, from a traditional candlelit tablescape to a singles’ anti-Valentine’s alternative or a ladies-only “Galentine’s Day” bash.


Set the Table




Pink and red are obvious choices for a lovely and festive table setting, but feel free to use them with a range of colorful accents as you please. Black and white runners and complementary splashes of violet add a playful vibe to your dinner setting, while another party’s atmosphere may call for rose gold, crisp white linens and sequin-heavy decorations instead.


Pour Some Drinks




An occasion such as this calls for love potions, so choose one that is sure to cast just the right spell. Fizzy citrus spritzers, chocolate martinis and blush-colored wine are all spirited options. Pretty accents like thick slices of grapefruit or pastel flower petals give each glass a luxe touch.


Serve an Appetizing Display




Settle any butterflies in the stomach by keeping a few appetizers on hand before the main meal. Heart-shaped hors d’oeuvres such as slices of balsamic-drizzled mozzarella, buttered pretzels and shrimp cocktail arrangements will have your guests falling in love.


Chart the Main Course




They say that the course of true love never did run smooth, but there’s no reason your main course can’t. Creamy pasta dishes, maple-glazed salmon and veggie-loaded pizzas all make perfect pairings with traditional fine wine.


Offer a Sweet Treat




Forget those candy hearts. No Valentine’s Day party is complete without a rich dessert, so stock up on essentials such as ripe strawberries, whipped cream and dark chocolate. Filling brownie bites and cake pops are conveniently mess-free, while chilled berry sorbet offers a refreshingly tart finish.


Lavish Your Guests with Love




Don’t forget to send your guests home feeling loved with themed party favors. A mason jar full of fresh flowers or a container of homemade rose-scented body scrub makes a thoughtful gift. Of course, treating your friends to our women’s jewelry (especially our women’s necklaces like this ruby sapphire drop design) is always a classy touch.



Are you hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner with friends this year? If so, what’s your party theme? Pretend we’re on the guest list and give us all the details in the comments section below.



The Chan Luu Team



E S C A P E has become the theme of our summer here in Hawaii. Even though I grew up here, I’m falling in love with the islands all over again and I have to say, it is the sweetest summer love I’ve found.

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